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posted on Fri Dec. 27, 2013



Jenny Paulisinecz lives and dances with passion. And at 97 years old she continues to amaze and inspire others through her example.

Paulisinecz is a competitive ballroom dancer who regularly performs the styles of American Smooth, International, and Latin. Her favorite is Tango and she gets cheers whenever she appears on the dance floor.

“She still comes out with first place awards,” said her friend and fellow dancer Diana MacDonald. “And she usually competes against women 20 to 25 years younger.”

Part of the wonder of Paulisinecz’s story is that she took up ballroom dancing at age 60 after a divorce. She was determined not to feel sorry for herself and decided to try something new. So she started taking dance classes.

“Often times in one’s lifetime — and if you are fortunate enough — you meet someone who inspires you. But rarely do you meet exceptionally gifted and talented individuals who are considered beyond extraordinaryand who inspire you beyond any feeling you have ever experienced before,” MacDonald said. “Jenny Paulisinecz is that someone who, at 97 years of age, has taught me that age has no boundaries.”

“She has inspired me to continue to live my dream. She’s incredible. Incredible,” MacDonald said.

Paulisinecz found the perfect professional dance partner in Alex Koulik, a worldwide champion dancer. The two can often be found practicing at the VK Dance Studio in North Miami Beach.

“Alex is always astounded by her strong determination to outperform others on the dance floor. He’s extremely giving and just the most amazing teacher ever,” MacDonald said.

Koulik and Paulisinecz have been competing together for five years. They recently performed a Tango in a Showcase at the Goldcoast Ballroom on Lyons Road in Coconut Creek. Koulik’s wife, Tanya, is also an accomplished professional champion dancer from Russia. She also provides instruction to Paulisinecz at the VK Dance Studio.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Paulisinecz has many fans who come out to watch her and who honor her with standing ovations.

MacDonald said after a recent competition, she called to congratulate Paulisinecz on her first place award and beautiful dance technique. Paulisinecz said she couldn’t wait to be dancing again.

“When most people are ready for a brief break after a competition, Jenny is ready to get back on the dance floor,” MacDonald said.

“Her strong will, positive outlook on life, her incredible tenacity and love of dance, are an inspiration to all those who have ever come in contact with her to follow their dream,” MacDonald said of her friend. “Even at 97, with a positive outlook and determination, we can all still fulfill our dreams.”

At 97, still dancing with passion

Jenny dancing Waltz at the Annual Studio Showcase when she is 95

Jenny dancing Tango at the Annual Studio Showcase when she is 95

Jenny started to dance at 75 after her doctor recommended her to improve health by ballroom dancing. When she started she had diabetes, high blood pressure and knees problems.

Today at 97 she has brilliant memory, normal blood pressure and normal sugar level. She knows it ballroom dancing helps.

At her 97th Birth Day she won 1st place on the Grand National Ballroom Dance Championships.

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