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Learn 10 Most Popular Bachata Dance Steps

What is Bachata Dance

How to Do Traditional Bachata

Salsa moves in Bachata

How to do Urbana Bachata

How to dance with a Partner

How to Lead

How to Follow

1. Basic in Place

2. Side-to-Side

3. Forward and Back

5. Lady Turn

6. Men Turn

4. Corner-to-Corner

7. Kick shuffle

8. Square

9. Slide

10. Breaks

2016 WSS Professional Bachata

World Champions

Deklan Guzman & Natalia Villanueva

Jorge "Ataca" Burgos and

Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger

USA 2016

3 World class Bachata dance couples

Daniel & Desiree

Argentina 2015

Daniel & Desiree