Ballroom Masters

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International Ballroom Dance Technique

World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) approved

Waltz - WDSSF Technique Book

Left Whisk by

Ferrugia - Koehler

Impotance of Lady, Use of Speed, by Soale - Cerasoli

Natural Spin Turn Technique

1. Waltz Technique

Tango Pointers by

Paolo Bosco, Silvia Pitton

Tango Technique Book WDSF

Basic (Closed) Hold by

Bussolitti - Vulic

Body and Music in Tango by

Pietro Braga

2. tango Technique


WDSF Technique Book

Viennese Waltz

WDSF Technique Book

4. Foxtrot Technique

3. Viennese Waltz Technique


WDSF Technique Book

5. Quickstep Technique