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as a wife and husband with the same attention you give to your invitations, dress, and catering.

Plan at least 3-4 months before your wedding day to be able to look natural and graceful.  Use your special song.

We also suggest you learn a few of the basics in 2-3 other dances to enjoy dancing together after First Dance.  After the wedding, you will enjoy dancing together on many occasions!

Other suggestions are:

          Mother & Son and Father & Daughter Wedding dances

          Group lessons for friends and relatives coming to your wedding.

It takes on average 10-20 private lessons for most wedding couples to memorize the routine and dance with grace and confidence.

Private dance lessons allow you to work on choreography made for your favorite song. Take advantage, buy a discounted package of 10 or 15 lessons.

A smaller 5-lesson package is available for those who are short on time.

Surprise your friends and relatives with how elegant and graceful you can be!

What other Wedding dances to learn

How many lessons you need to learn the First Dance

       Your Wedding Day is going to be one of the highlights of your life! ¬†Our most experienced instructors will choreograph your wedding dance to your favorite song. Your First Dance will be memorable for the two of you. You will enjoy watching your dance video for many years!

Watch this wedding couple learned their Wedding Dance

in only 10 private dance lessons.

Wedding Dance Lessons


$20 private lesson

(new customers only,

expires 2/28/22)