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General NDCA Rules, Revised 7 2015

List of the allowable figures, elements and or restrictions for the Bronze and Silver levels to be used in NDCA recognized Events.

Even though Member Organizations of the NDCA have their own syllabi, this list of allowable figures, elements, and restrictions was developed to ensure a fair and even playing field for anyone entering closed syllabus competitions. Please check this list against your own syllabi to see which figures are allowed for NDCA sanctioned Competitions.

General Bronze American Style Level Restrictions

No continuity style in Bronze.

In the American Style dances any pattern or figure may be danced as long as it is not in conflict with American Style NDCA Approved Figures, Elements & Restrictions.

Spirals are not permitted in the Bronze level.

One underarm or solo turn at a time is the maximum allowed in the Bronze level

Elements and figures unique to one dance or style may not be used in another dance, unless specified.

Partners must start in a closed or open facing hold. No entrances are allowed in Closed American or International Style. For example, starting the Gold International Style Cha Cha with an allowed side by side amalgamation would constitute an “entrance”. A single curtsey facing partner in Viennese Waltz is allowed.

No embellishments of standard figures. No change of levels, head rolls, foot flicks, syncopations or delayed timings unless specifically approved.

1.   Left Closed Box/Reverse Turn Right Closed

     Box/Natural Turn

2.   Forward Progressive/Change Step, right foot

or left foot

3.   Underarm Turn to the Right two Measures/6 beats

4.   Balance Steps, Hesitations, Fifth Position Breaks

5.   Closed Twinkles; may be danced in any direction

except Fallaway

6.   Cross Body Lead from LF Fwd Hesitation

or from 1 3 of Left Closed/Box Reverse Turn

7.   Natural Spin Turn (as International Style)

8.   Forward Twist to Left from P.P.

9.   Syncopated Chasse

10. Simple Grapevine or Zigzag -no Syncopation

11. In & Out Change Steps/Butterfly

(click here to see Bronze Routine danced and explained by the USA Champions)

(from NDCA website)

Partners may not completely separate. Open Work is limited to single or double hand holds, and may not last for more than eight (8) consecutive measures (24 beats).

No fallaway actions (whisks, 5th position breaks, etc. are not considered fallaway actions).

Open work may not comprise more than 25% of any routine.

No picture lines or figures; i.e. contra check, chair, oversways, lunges, etc.

No continuity style in Bronze Waltz, feet must be closed on three except on allowed figures.

No syncopations other than chasse from Promenade. No syncopated underarm turns.

No foot changes, fakes, shadow, tandem, solo, or same foot figures. Partners must always be on opposite feet.

Both feet must remain close to the floor at all times. (No aerial rondes, developes, etc.)

No consecutive pivots left or right, one (1) pivot is allowed.

No entrances are allowed. Partners must start in a closed or open facing hold.

No open left or right box turns.

One underarm or solo turn is the maximum allowed in the Bronze level.

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