Ballroom Masters

International Ballroom Dance Technique

World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) approved

Waltz - WDSSF Technique Book


WDSF Technique Book

Tango Pointers by

Paolo Bosco, Silvia Pitton

Viennese Waltz

WDSF Technique Book

Left Whisk by

Ferrugia - Koehler

Impotance of Lady, Use of Speed, by Soale - Cerasoli

Natural Spin Turn Technique

Tango Technique Book WDSF

Basic (Closed) Hold by

Bussolitti - Vulic

Body and Music in Tango by

Pietro Braga

1. Waltz Technique

2. tango Technique

4. Foxtrot Technique

3. Viennese Waltz Technique


WDSF Technique Book

5. Quickstep Technique